Hudson XIV
Archival Pigment Print
Hudson/Past Perfect is a series of 20”x30” archival pigment prints. The prints of this series were photographed on a train trip home to NY. These images are reminiscent of the landscape paintings that I exhibited in the late 1960’s. In that painting series, which was called “Meditations”, the vastness of landscapes was explored. Although these current prints are more monochromatic and introspective than my previous work, both have a common thread running through them. Like many artists, I seem to be searching to reclaim some memory from a past where life was simpler and perfection was less veiled.

I have always been drawn to the meditative quality of the waters of the Hudson River and the sacred aspects of the natural environment. The dramatic play of light on the landscape, the reflective water, the hazy sky and monotone colors were inspired by the Luminist Movement of the 1850’s. The Hudson/Past Perfect series recalls a more romantic era when God and Nature were viewed as one.

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