the Aleph
4 min 35 sec
A point in space that contains all other points, an Aleph is a sound with the ability to manifest things in the universe and connect all other points. The Aleph reveals everything in the universe from every angle simultaneously, without distortion, overlapping or confusion.

Audio piece for Comfort, Burn, a group exhibition at Artspace and Big Orbit Gallery in Buffalo, NY foregrounding both subjective comfort and the mastering of space and time offered up to the beneficiaries of the communication age and its phantasmagoria of speed and consumption. This piece was made to be listened to on headphones.

Leah Rico b. 1975, Buffalo, NY. Leah graduated with an MFA in Visual Studies from SUNY Buffalo in 2006. She has since exhibited sound work in traditional gallery spaces and at non-traditional sites on the east and west coasts. She currently resides in upstate New York, where she teaches at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Leah Rico's art practice explores the function of language in relation to identity. Most recently, she creates experiential audio works and installations that investigate speech, allowing language to find form through acoustic subtlety. Casting language as quintessence, Rico breaks down the sonic structure of speech, revealing its hidden histories and mapping its unspoken politics.
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