“Straight Shooter”
Mixed media
Dimensions varied
“Straight Shooter”, would most closely be likened to the balloon popping dart game of the carnival outskirts. In my adaptation, my participant attempts to pierce a balloon with a sperm shaped dart – by choosing aloud a pink or blue balloon represents the players’ choice of girl or boy. Paralleling real life, the results are not only dependent upon skill but also largely upon luck. “Straight Shooter” is a four by seven foot board striped with forty-nine six inch alternating pink or blue balloons. Inside each balloon is a tag labeled with the “prize”. In front of the “playing board” is a 60”x26”x12” white, wooden pedestal. Atop this pedestal the “sperm darts” are laid out left to right in a straight line, awaiting their “shooter”.

Materials include:
Cork board, acrylic paint, latex balloons, white satin, dart tips, white roping, sculpty clay, and
Inkjet adhesive paper, 8’x4’ (cork board with balloons), 23”x60”x13”, (dart base),
4”x1.5”x1” (darts).

Beth Giacummo

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