"Egg Drop"
Mixed media
Dimensions varied
“Egg Drop” is similar to the popular “fish bowl” game commonly found at carnivals and fairs. Somewhat familiar to most, the participant attempts to toss a ping-pong style ball into a small glass bowl containing a goldfish waiting to be won. Upon successfully sinking a ball into one of these water- filled bowls, the player wins the fish. In my interpretation of the game, the contestant attempts to throw a human “egg” into a bowl of his or her choice filled with pink or blue water. My version of these bowls contain, not a goldfish but a larger then life sperm. If the player sinks the egg into the bowl containing the color of their choice they win that sperm. If the player inadvertently deposits their egg into the wrong colored bowl that sperm and gender representation is discarded along with their chance. The game is comprised of glass “sperm bowls” presented on a square, white, thirty- six inch wooden cube. Atop this cube lies a glass mirror reflecting the forty-two bowls and their contents. A string of chasing lights surround the upper perimeter of the cube. Reflected in the mirror and the bowls, these lights are actively in motion even when the game is not being played.

Beth Giacummo
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