Vignette Corridor
Wood Lathe, Breadcrumb Floor-bed, Nightlights, Framed 19thC Judge Portraits
25'L, x 3'-6"W x 6'H

An installation/ performance work comprised of two major spaces: causeway and ‘sanctuary’. The entrance consisted of a twenty-five foot long corridor approximately five feet high and three feet wide. The wall system was comprised of rough-hewn wood lathe and the floor-bed entirely of breadcrumbs. The space was illuminated by nightlight sconces; upon the walls were placed framed images of 19thC ‘judges’. Viewers were invited to crawl thru the tunnel to the end point-a veil separating the spaces and leading to the site of the performance.
Through a windowlet viewers glimpsed an ongoing scene consisting of a young man writing at a desk overseen by an oppressive figure in the background. When audience members came to the window, the seated figure stopped writing and gazed at the viewer apologetically. At this point the ‘overseer’ would forcibly compel the writer to continue his task. The scene would repeat itself with minor variations based upon reactions/ stimuli from the audience.
Performers: Scribe-Morgan Fallon
Overseer-David Merkel
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