Mara Lefebvre
"Fishing For Jesus 2"
7" x 7" x 9"
Fishing for Jesus is an installation of mixed media sculptures that explores my
relationship with religion.
The 50 sculptures are constructed of found and recycled everyday items, fishing gear,
and religious objects. They are reminiscent of small altars, idols and relics. Fish hooks,
lures, weights, swivels and fishing line are assembled with flowers, beads, pins, crosses
and religious statues. Glass domes cover some of the jewel-like altars.
Every piece is balanced and held together by gravity. No adhesives are used.
Highlights from the installation:
Magnetic dashboard statues, including the classic Saint Christopher, have been spray
painted gold, brass or chrome and reside in covered glass containers surrounded by
snarls of fishing line.
Photo globes complete with glitter snow contain religious holy cards. On the reverse
side are the alter egos of the holy card images. For example, one is of Saint Rita. She
prayed to suffer like Jesus and the story is that a thorn from the crown of Jesus struck
her in the forehead. Inserted into the globe are organic thorns from rose bushes and her
alter ego image is of a beautiful woman clothed only in a in a diaphanous scarf.
As a child I was repeatedly shown these gruesome images and required to study them.
Oftentimes the suffering was sanctified by surrounding the religious figures with lovely
landscapes, exalted animals, and celestial beings and accented with glittering gold leaf.
These additions did not lesson the gruesomeness of the images and glorified the
suffering. I used that same idea in the altars adorning them with things of beauty such
as miniature silk roses and objects of pain such as nails, pins and barbed fishing hooks.
This incessant quest to be in touch with Jesus is an obsession for many who seem to be
constantly “fishing” to find Him.
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