Cooper St. 9
pigment prints on handmade paper mounted on wood panel
dimensions variable, each panel 8" x 10"
The series Cooper Street consists of digitally produced, photographic constructions printed on handmade mitsumata paper and mounted on painted wood panels. Each piece incorporates multiple layers of images both found and produced in-camera and makes use of overlay and juxtaposition, accident and intention, to produce the final whole.

The series is in two parts; long horizontal assemblages and smaller images arranged in grids. The long horizontals are nature-based, yet include a distinct human presence with the inclusion of outbuildings, manufactured objects and deliberately planted gardens. The grouped photographs portray collections of man made objects, some of which can be seen in the long pieces and all found on the same property.

This ongoing project focuses on observing and interpreting a small parcel of land over an extended period of time and provides both an accurate record and a realistic fiction, blurring the line between the illusive and the real while at the same time conveying a distinct sense of place.
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