Cherry wood
85 in x 26 in x 21 in

"While my sculpture freezes motion, it invites the viewer to move and be moved."

I create carved wood sculpture. The pieces are intuitive; the process begins after a period of observation when the wood itself seems to suggest to me what might be carved. Power tools are used to rough out. Then working by hand, with chisels and rasps in close communion with wood I pare down to the final form.
To work with wood is to enter into a dialogue with another being. Each piece of wood is the record of a unique life. Its story is recorded in the pattern of its grain and annual rings: seasonal cycles, years of robust or lean growth, storms and droughts.
Through carving wood I present to the viewer an artifact of my collaboration with that material. The process is slow and contemplative allowing for numerous associations to unfold. Melody and rhythm are suggested in “Kundalini.’. Sea plants reach upward in the “Rising’ series while water currents cause them to bend and twist. Tendrils wrap in ‘Twining.’ Water again, this time as subject flows in ‘River Rising’ or beats upon the shore in ‘Tides.’

John Cino attended and received a BA from Stony Brook University where he explored a broad range of disciplines. He received an MFA in Sculpture in 1985 from CUNY, Hunter College. After graduation John exhibited throughout the metropolitan area. He participated in shows at the Queens Museum and Jamaica Art Center and had a solo exhibition at SUNY New Paltz.
He joined the 14 Sculptors cooperative in 1993 and mounted two solo exhibitions. From 1995 – 1999 John was the cooperatives president. During his tenure he initiated a new direction for the cooperative. John closed the doors of the gallery moving the focus of the cooperative to outdoor exhibitions and alternative spaces including the first ever outdoor sculpture exhibition at Adelphi University.
In the past decade his work has been exhibited on the grounds of Adelphi and Unison Sculpture Park in New Paltz, NY. He has mounted a solo exhibition at Unison and has appeared in a number of exhibitions at the Islip Museum and the Omni Gallery in Garden City, Long Island.
In 2008 he helped form the Patchogue Arts Council and in 2009 he chaired the Patchogue Art Biennial. In developing the Biennial John created an exhibition of Long Island artists in which he would want to participate.
John is participating in his first residency in 2010 at the East Ends Arts Council, Riverhead, NY. He has recently been a participant the highly competitive New York Foundation for the Arts MARK program and received a NYFA SOS grant.
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