Brian A Kavanaugh
36" x 84"
Born in 1983, I grew up in Buffalo. I graduated with a B.F. A. from the State University of New York at Purchase in 2005. I am now employed as a Teaching Artist at Autistic Services, Inc. facilitating creative aspirations of adults with autism.

Growing up with a few short commutes between religions, I enjoyed comparing the ways they defined themselves in a visual world but learned what shapes my idea of a reality is what is most consistent.
Similar to how religious artists of many ages have used rolling hills to describe heavens and nightmares to accept the unknown I take in visual artifacts around me and use them to re-imagine these synthetic worlds. Seeing likenesses between fortunes of fame and goals of the afterlife, both defined by the consequences of actions experienced in artificial landscapes I imagined combining these similar objectives visually would only go to strengthen their definitions.
Melded together with bits of irony and satire I hope to convey that it is not that I don’t believe that heavens are there, I just want to up the ante.
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