Yolanda Sharpe
White Field #2
encaustic and mixed media on panel
23 inches x 22.5 inches x 2 inches
Artist Statement

I grew up in Detroit, relocated to upstate New York, and yet continue to celebrate the vibrant, creative energy of that city. This current series is part of the continuum of this energy. My creative impetus is shaped by my formative years in Michigan, and by a desire to capture Detroit’s beauty in the midst of decay and re-ruralization.

*Urban Fragments*paintings examine change and flux when urban environments experience loss. Many of the paintings are remembrances, my meditations of Detroit. Some images invoke billboard image remnants, architecture, and the way natural forces impose upon change and neglect. Non-representational abstractions show visual fragments and cues. The encaustic medium helps to describe passages of time and layers of visual history. Paint layers, objects, and drawing remnants are derived intuitively. Also, Urban Fragments fuses drawing remnants (from my Foliage and Still Life series) with the encaustic medium. The work combines refined lyricism with funkiness, and emphasize the paintings as objects with physical depth of colors and surfaces. I want the paintings to convey solid forms and shapes that are diaphanous and luminous. This series promotes colors that are pared down to vibrant essentials. While some colors are mixed and layered, others are blunt and vivid.
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