Snow White Remixed
Sound Designer: Allie Tyre
Performer: Alex Stephens Prisock
Video Installation
6.5h x 3w x 10d
“Snow White Remixed”, looks at cultural constructions connected to race, gender and sexuality. In it, my niece poses for the camera dressed as Snow White and slowly applies make up. The video is projected into the frame of a mirror and a platform with a chair is installed in front of the projection so the users experience the piece as if they were looking into a mirror. Behind my niece are shadows of various racial and gender stereotypes. The soundtrack is a collage of sound, which includes my niece’s comments as she watches the original Disney cartoon. She also verbally relays her own version of Snow White that she and her friends reenacted at a sleepover. What becomes apparent through her version is how constructions of race and gender are so much less rigid in the lives of children.
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