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Edward Batcheller
I produce images with a camera, and without. The images made without a camera are called photograms. These are shadow images formed by casting light on an object placed in front of the photographic plate. The images come from a wide array of thoughts and feelings (constructs) gathered with no preconceived idea in mind. Once obtained, they are treated as found objects, which are selected and organized according to my focus, as it narrows and becomes more specific. I layer and arrange the glass photo-plates in various frames and structures to articulate these relationships. One goal is that the images become part of the structure, inseparable from the piece as a whole, like the words in a well crafted poem.

"And we: spectators always, everywhere,
looking on, but never beyond!
World overwhelms us. We order it. The order falls.
We rearrange it and come apart ourselves."

From Reading Rilke (The Eighth Elegy)
by William Gass