Youthful FollyTruth and SilenceMirthful RetaliationScarier with the Lights OnLily L. Booth
In BloomLily L. Booth
Kitchen ArtilleryLily L. Booth
Manhood In My PocketLily L. Booth
"Four-O" 1Lily L. Booth
Lily L. Booth
I am amazed at the destructive decisions made by those in power and astounded by the abundant apathy displayed by the greater population. Artwork for me is a way to dispel the anger and guilt of my own lethargy and remake it into a visual language to share with others. I believe Images are powerful tools of communication that can hold emotions where words fail.
I am drawn to multimedia surfaces with an emphasis on the home and the textiles that inhabit it; this combination contributes to layers of information in my work. The home holds a particular feminine and historical association. Alluding to repetition of cycles, a collective short-term memory and the maddening fact that everything comes home no matter how we try to protect those we love. I pair current social and political issues with these textiles and their respective furniture to display a narrative on our present cultural and social standing.