Cornfield Edge 1Cornfield Edge 3Cornfield Edge 2 (paper)Bean Field EdgeThe River Hase Walk EversbergThe River Hase Walk, ZentrumPoint Gratiot 1 (Lake Erie)
Timothy Frerichs


Timothy Frerichs received a Bachelor of Arts from St. Olaf College, MN, and a Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts from the University of Iowa, Iowa. Frerichs has received numerous awards including a 2010 Netherland-America Foundation Cultural Grant, a Constance Saltonstall Foundation Grant for Printmaking, two Fulbright awards, the latest a 2007 Senior Lecture Award Fulbright to the Universität Osnabrück, Germany, and an Scandinavian-America Foundation Fellowship. Frerichs’ drawings, prints and artist books have been widely exhibited internationally and nationally. His artwork is included in international and national public and private collections. Frerichs currently is an Associate Professor of Art in the Department of Visual Arts and New Media at SUNY Fredonia

Artist Statement
My artwork involves questioning of established approaches for representing nature. As an element of my working methodology, I gather and record site-specific objects found during my walk of a site. I hope to create a visual dialogue examining how collecting and collection processes (whether scientific or cultural) represent our perceptions of the natural world. I am especially interested in how these perceptions change.
Initially, I walk a specific site to gather visual information and found objects. The slower pace of walking enables a more full response necessary for observing and selecting objects. Walking also facilitates a means to measure, map, and explore the environment of the specific site. The walks are documented in a multilayered way: As digital video/stills, digital audio recordings, artist books, and drawings.
The drawing and printmaking processes visually document my response to the site-specific walks. I utilize drawing as a means for investigation and representation. I am also interested in the historical context of the drawing and print mediums. The modern processes of mapping, griding, and measurement schematics are included in my image making. The layering of images, mediums, fracture, and surface texture refers to conceptual layering and juxtaposed, sometimes contradicting ideas. The elemental quality of basic material combination with their inherent textures intrigues me and is reflected in the physicality of the work.