Pamela J. Wallace

so longPamela J. Wallace

so long, detailPamela J. Wallace

Inside, it continues to come thru, to roll down, out and over mePamela J. Wallace

ElegyPamela J. Wallace

Elegy, detailPamela J. Wallace

Still, between my arm and shoulderPamela J. Wallace

detail, Still, between my arm and shoulderPamela J. Wallace

salvaged bundlePamela J. Wallace

Iron plank, no pause or break Pamela J. Wallace

Full up, and in small parts
Pamela J. Wallace
Pamela Wallace is a mixed media artist who makes sculpture, installations and drawings. She combines rich tactile surfaces with natural forms, reminiscent of the effects of natural processes on decaying industrial spaces. Working in diverse materials such as metal, fabric, plaster, concrete, resins, she creates organic forms in dialogue with layered grids and varied surfaces. Interested in the relationship between form and texture she is drawn in by a focus on the merest incident of detail on a surface.