antler/horn: annual/perennial antler/horn:annual/perennial Sara E Worden

Estranged for our Cosmic Orgins (Video)Sara E Worden

Estranged from our Cosmic Origins (Detail)Sara E Worden

DormancySara E Worden

Dormancy (Detail)Sara E Worden

CanopySara E Worden

Canopy (Detail)

Sara E Worden

She Waits for RainSara E Worden

She Waits for Rain (Detail 1)Sara  E Worden

She Waits for Rain (Detail 2)Sara E Worden

Migratory SilhouettesSara E Worden

Migratory Silhouettes Sara E Worden

Rooftop HabitatSara E Worden

Rooftop Habitat (Detail)
Sara E Worden
To contact Sara about her work please email her at sara.e.worden(at)gmail.com

Artist’s Statement
I make sculptures, installations, and performances using salvaged materials and living entities to construct ecological mythologies, which explore anthropocentric landscape ecology and human use/misuse of living systems. My art is influenced by my work in urban horticulture and regenerative farming and serves to both engage local flora/fauna, food systems and the exploration of potential relationships between humans and the natural environment.

Sara Worden lives and farms in the Hudson River Valley. Sara’s work has been presented at 3rd Ward (Brooklyn), hope.gate.way (Portland ME), KMOCA (Kingston, NY), Upstate Artists Guild (Albany), and the Sanctuary for Independent Media (Troy). In addition to developing her own work, Sara has performed with Jennifer Monson, Bread & Puppet, and collaborated with C. Ryder Cooley. Sara has completed residencies at Weir Farm Artist's Center, Vermont Studio Center, Contemporary Arts Center, Guapamatacaro, Earthdance, and has received support from New York Foundation of the Arts.