EKG HEATEKG ROSESEKG BONEPassing ThroughLong Ago Far AwayHome; Inside Looking OutHome; Outside Looking InStoryboard 02.23.62UntitledUntitled
Tricia Wright


My work draws on our complex, often ambivalent relationship to the Home, and employs the physical material of the domestic environment as metaphors for the psychological interior. Pattern plays a central, defining role in my work, and has its roots in my background growing up in England in a culture with a long tradition of highly decorative interiors. My sources are primarily the wallpaper and textile designs of the 60’s and ‘70s, chosen for their potential to conjure personal and cultural associations and—paradoxically—for their generic, mass-produced anonymity. I filter this material through my own process, deconstructing, altering, and combining it with my own imagery, to articulate a personal, independent visual language that walks the line between abstraction and figuration.

Tricia Wright moved from London to New York in 1999. She attended college in London where she received her BA (Fine Art (Hons)) at Camberwell School of Art, and her PG Dip. (History & Theory of Modern Art) at Chelsea School of Art.