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Catherine Linder Spencer
I think of myself as a visual historian. I am interested in the marks that history leaves as traces on the visual environment. Over the past 38 years, I have used my 35mm film camera to explore buildings and their facades, surface textures, religious icons and vintage car parts. Although the subject matter can vary widely, there are strong themes that run through all of my photo series. One of these themes is metal which is featured in much of my artwork.

My photos feature the use of metal in architecture and machines where metal represents the cycle of creation/decay. Some of the photos show the beauty of metal in created objects. In architectural elements, metal provides for distinctive features of hardness, brilliance and strength. In machines, metal represents functionality, durability and power. But despite the strong and powerful characteristics of metal in these objects, decay is inevitable. My work shows that even as these once-strong objects decay, there is an intrinsic beauty to the textures and colors of this natural process.