Wilka Roig
Trumansburg, NY / Guánica, PR (Motherland)Wilka Roig
Ithaca, NY / Aguadilla, PR (Motherland)Wilka Roig
Newfield, NY / Guanica, PR (Motherland)Wilka Roig
Etna, NY / Cabo Rojo, PR (Motherland)Wilka Roig
Newfield, NY / Yauco, PR (Motherland)
Wilka Roig
My work occurs in the realm of personal and social space, questioning how individuals form feelings of selfhood, connection, and belonging. Through the subjects I photograph and the bonds that develop between us, I explore conscious and subconscious identification and rapport as well as individual symbols of power and culture. I attempt to reveal the self through sameness and difference, through the relationship of self and other, and through relationships to time and place.

My artistic practice shifts from the studio to direct involvement with the community. The production of my work is often an interactive and dialog-based performance; I create situations, invite others into my practice, and set up actions that result in photographs, texts and installations. Through my work and its process I continually displace myself and de-center the viewer, disrupting the usual artist/audience relationship.

WILKA ROIG received an MFA in 2005 from Cornell University. She received grants from NYFA SOS, Community Arts Partnership, Cornell Council for the Arts, and Light Work. Her work is featured in NYFA Immigrant Artists Project Newsletter issue forty-seven, Nueva Luz Photographic Journal, Vol 3:13, Photography Quarterly #98, Camerawork: A Journal for Photographic Arts Vol. 34 No. 2, and Contact Sheet: Light Work Annual 2004. Solo shows include Center for Photography, Woodstock, NY, and CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY. Group shows include Women to Watch 2008, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C. and The Spitting Image, SF Camerawork, San Francisco, CA.