Carefully Tended Obsessions
RomulusIt's Always A Full MoonWhat Comes Down Must Go UpNatural Disaster
Lin Price

Artist Statement:
These images are inspired by modern life, then transformed by absurdity and fantasy. People, objects, and events that intrigue me become part of a working visual vocabulary from painting to painting. A variety of animals and insects occupy this invented world too and often mirror human activities. I try to transport the painted figures, and the viewer, from the expected and into the unexpected. There is an element of autobiography in the motifs and events in this work.

These paintings are intimate in scale and meant to be viewed at a close distance. It is a myopic view of things. Over extended time, each work is built up with layer upon layer of waxy paint creating a sense of the history in the working process. Gradually imaginary environments develop, where my characters may carefully tend their obsessions.