ValentineHeart of GoldHeavy HaertAnatomy StudyGroup of HeartsHouse on a HillAquiferThe LandingAdriftCascade
Rob Licht


Artist's Statement
Through manipulation of context my work examines underlying contradictions that I find in personal and cultural symbols. By contrasting the anatomical heart with the Hallmark version in the recently completed Heart series, my work questions the archetypal image of the valentine heart and labels as suspect the origins of the bilaterally bulbous form that permeates our culture. The House series places that form in a variety of narrative settings; frequently the notions of security and individuality associated with having a home are skewed so as to present a more apprehensive metaphor such as in Adrift, in which a house floats in a turbulent ocean. Other work focuses solely on features of the landscape, addressing the power of its influence on memory, emotion and identity. Often, the symbols from one distinct series merge with another in the way that the events of one's life seamlessly connect to one another with threads of hidden meaning. Underlying all of the work is an autobiographical search for personal understanding.