Silent MessageMemories of PlaceMigrationBirthplace Series: AbandonedBirthplace Series: StormBirthplace Series: RootsBirthplace Series: Abandoned-FreeingBirthplace Series: Becoming-UnbecomingPrimal SympathyOrange and Yellow Dialogue
Suzanne Langelier-Lebeda

Artist Statement

This particular aspect of my work, “works on paper” reflects my experience as a graphic designer living immersed in four distinct seasons, on the Racquette River, at the edge of the Adirondack Park.

These works integrate graphic design skills— digital photography, computer design, illustration, principles of design and typography with fine art drawing, painting, and writing. I approach these compositions as if they are page layouts in a visual chapter of an ongoing story. The overall themes of these “stories” reflect the subtle messages and intimations I observe in nature’s cycles and seasons.

Parts of the collage are used like headlines, paragraphs and elements to direct the viewer through the story. For example, images are arranged to show how patterns like pine needles and the veins of a feather repeat themselves in each other, or an old homestead becomes part of the natural timeless process of returning to soil, rocks, roots, fossils, nests, and migrations. Through images I tell the story of ironic cycles in nature, of becoming and unbecoming, and abandoning and freeing.

I use white space, like silence, to draw the viewer closer, to a place of contemplation where images of nature can be seen as metaphors in human terms. I am a visual communicator, and the stories are my personal observations expressed by integrating fine art and graphic design.


Suzanne earned a BS degree in art education from Buffalo State, including a semester in Italy, and a MFA degree in graphic design and painting from Rochester Institute of Technology.

She worked as a graphic designer at SUNY Geneseo and CUNY New York City. She left SUNY Potsdam as Coordinator of Publications/Graphic Designer in 2000 to pursue freelance and personal work. She has won national awards for illustration and publication design.