Extracting (in) formationExtracting (in) formation, detail(more/less) ReflectiveOvergrowing the Boundaries (9 - 20)Overgrowing the Boundaries (3 - 8)Atmospheric Causes, installation viewMigration, Stage 2, detailMigration, Stage 3, detailMigration, Stage 4, detail
Lorrie Fredette


I make installations and sculptures that are inspired by medical and environmental news stories pulled from today's headlines and historical sources. Upon choosing an area of focus, such as the swine, avian and Spanish flus, or the increased incidence of poison ivy with the growth of greenhouse gases, I set upon a rigorous course of research, gathering images which I then alter, vet and reject through an elaborate system designed to completely subvert and distort any likeness to the original source.


A native of Burlington, Massachusetts, Lorrie Fredette earned a BFA in sculpture from the Herron School of Art/Indiana University. Recently, her work has been shown in exhibitions at Gallery Ehva in Provincetown, Massachusetts and the Samuel Dorsky Museum in New Paltz, New York (2009). Awards include MARK 09 and a Strategic Opportunity Grant from the New York Foundation for the Arts (2010 and 2007 respectively). In 2010, she will be on residency at Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, New York; exhibiting at Gallery Ehva and in 2011 will have a site-specific installation at the Cape Cod Museum of Art. She lives and works in the Hudson Valley.