2 blue birdsstill life with red fruits and ravenwalk 1000 acres
Elizabeth Emery

The arrangement of objects, colors, and textures provide a stream of consciousness-like exploration of thoughts, of emotions, of the past and the future. These sculptures, therefore, become a physical manifestation of the mental flotsam and memories we collect of people and places—complete with uncanny juxtapositions, pattern and confusion, order and instability, the familiar and a fear of the unknown. With the juxtaposition and range of materials it is often difficult to confidently understand what the material is. The aim is not deception, but a twisting of preconceptions. What appears to be, is not. What you are sure of, is false. These recent sculptural still lifes emerged through studying traditional painted still lifes. They represent the sensual pleasures of the world found in objects and materials. They are tangible, tactile, solid, and fragile. They are crafted descriptions of the world containing not just concrete qualities, but abstract aspects, such as memory and the senses, which supply objects with richness and depth. A still life is a moment stopped and captured, to be looked at, and relooked at offering an opportunity to engage visually and intellectually with the surroundings.