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Sharon H.J. Cheng [like]


From my point of view, beauty is something that presents pleasant visual appearance and can convey an uplifting energy to evoke feelings of hope and inspiration. I see beauty in many forms and styles and am most intrigued by the beauty of nature, which is pure and everlasting. My soul craves to catch and echo each magic moment. Oil is my primary medium in which I like to play with colors and experiment with layer effects of colors, space, and cultural background. My work is highly influenced by Chinese philosophy, in which the existence of ‘Chi’, also called Energy, Spirit, or Soul, between heaven and earth conveys not only the beauty of nature, but also the soul of nature. I believe Soul is something that makes art work. As a whole, my art is a result of the intertwining of visual expressions, inspirations from nature and music, and resonance of poetic sentiment and melody.