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Hope Zaccagni
Hope Zaccagni graduated from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts in painting and sculpture. In her extensive career as an artist she has been a fine art silver & goldsmith, a puppeteer, a costume and set designer/fabricator but most recently she has focused on painting primarialy in oil. She has shown her paintings in a number of group and solo shows in the northeast.

Ms. Zaccagni is the 2D Technician for The Division of Expanded Media and The Division of Drawing, Painting and Photography and is an adjunct instructor of drawing at The School of Art and Design, New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in Alfred, NY. She maintains a studio in Alfred Station, NY.

My architectural paintings are of buildings, spaces and places that we tend to pass by and perhaps not notice. The subjects are the neglected corners of old warehouses, alleyways, doorways, industrial sites; the everyday, mundane places we see walking to work, driving to the store or places we catch out of the corner of our eye as we rush by that are punctuated by a beam of sunlight or attract me because they are so out of place or so much in their place. I paint the subject with simple, direct color forms, playing on the geometry of the space. Paying a great deal of attention to the architecture of the painting, I use the relationship of color and light to create a place for the subject to live and an atmosphere that attempts to recreate the original response I had to it.