Denise Saint-Onge
ElleDenise Saint-Onge
Peggy's WindowDenise Saint-Onge
Homage to MatisseDenise Saint-Onge
Matisse in His StudioDenise Saint-Onge
KamilaDenise Saint-Onge
Rice and ButteflyDenise Saint-Onge
Sugar and Salt
Denise Saint-Onge
Artist’s Statement

My work deals with exploring the tangible presence of everyday objects in my immediate environment. My art is inspired by both my imagination and memory; places I visit, details of objects, landscapes, and even correspondence from friends. I create prints in a representational style and for the last few years I have focused my efforts on producing works using a technique called mezzotint. The mezzotint technique lends itself to the exploration of form and modulation using values of light and dark.


Denise Saint-Onge is a New York-based printmaker and a francophone native of Québec, Canada. She received a BA in Painting from Plattsburgh State University and a Master of Fine Art Degree in Printmaking from the University at Albany, State University of New York. With her background in painting and ongoing experience in traditional printmaking media, Denise brings a strong and delicate sensibility to the Mezzotint process. Her work has been included in a number of group exhibitions in the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan. Her work is held in institutional and private collections.

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