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Daniel W. McPheeters
I have been working on a new series of pieces that I call “Landscape/Skyscape/Dreamscape.” This body of work represents my lifelong interest in science, nature, and art and how these interconnect. I live on a hilltop in the woods, far away from city lights. Often the night sky, set against the forest’s edge, is quite dramatic and stirring. As an avid sky watcher I follow the constellations as they change with the seasons and try to interpret celestial events in my works. I capture my experiences in my pieces by giving them a surreal, dreamlike quality.
I often include lines and grids in my pieces. As I contemplate the vastness of the heavens, with hundreds of billions of galaxies, each with hundreds of billions of stars, I am aware of how everything is connected. Even the smallest sub-atomic particle is connected with every other particle in the universe. The lines of quantum connection unify the universe in a whirling cosmic dance of unknowable beauty.
Unlike most collage artists, I use only my own images in my works. Working in many layers, I manipulate my photographs, drawings and paintings on a computer before bringing them together into the final piece. I then print the work on special papers using pigment-based archival inks.