1000418_BurialGround_9_2Crime Scene #18100214_StubenBasement_4_12Crime Scene #6100214_StubenBasement_2_9Crime Scene #9100417_CornellLab_5_9100418_JimsHouse_4_3100418_JimsHouse_7_9Fire Island, 2007
Jane Huntington
I walk around taking in the world around me, trying to apply lessons learned, fixating and assessing potential for either hazard or joy. Places where I’m not allowed and are unfamiliar are of particular temptation. Chance encounters lead me from one thing to the next.

Vintage crime scenes, shot as evidence, can be hauntingly arbitrary to all but those investigators on those particular cases. What is missing and not yet known, what lurks beyond the frame. These images have a historical, nostalgic meaning that allows me to identify with them in some way.

I work with objects that personify sentient beings and their rituals, as a personification of my own lost innocence and personal history. Discarded evidence from the banalities of daily life offer incomplete clues to what may have taken place. By finding and preserving these elements, I can trace the history of my own fascination of the forbidden.