My Father, My BreadOld Llubljana"The Last Kiss"Pealots Bay - Lake Champlain"Winter Thaw" - Old Red Mill, Claverack CreekVince's Point - Hudson River"Athens-Hudson Light House"Hudson River, Stuyvesant LandingAlbany on the Hudson - All America City 2009Before I Reach the HudsonOn the Way to Phil's #1Meat and Greet; On the Way to Phils #2 On the way to Phil's #3Broken
Katarina Holbrook
Artist Work Statement

I am drawn to the natural quality of oils to build clarity in each work and I am equally drawn to the process of painting, as I am to the subjects that inspire me. I continually explore ways to improve the handling of oils that serve to reduce canvas time while improving artistic expression through detail. For ease of application I use understudies and apply detail fluidly using various mediums. For glow and transparency I pursue the buttery brushstroke (oils in linseed oil) and cover each work with many layers of varnish.
Born the youngest of nine children from immigrant parents that migrated to the US after WWII, the basis of inspiration in all my works is independence. When choosing a work I select classic compositions using perspectives that bring the viewer in, and I seek elements that are strong, spirited, and embody my heritage and love of natural settings with a sense of the human spirit.

Artist’s Bio

My motto is, “I am an artist first and then a professional”. Early in life I sought convention through a formal education in the sciences with vocational forays in pharmaceuticals, academia, and information technology. Although it was interesting, very little of it moved me and I realized that what I wanted to convey to our world I could only do by using the language of art.
I began my pursuit of art in the early 70’s painting water colors at the dining room table for the enjoyment of my mother who was sick with cancer. Quickly, I realized my need for use of the medium as “wet on wet” and so began my dance with oils. Later in the 70’s I spent a great deal of time reproducing Durrie prints from calendars and magazines and enrolled in non-credit drawing and painting classes at the University at Albany with Franklin Alexander from the Woodstock School of Art. In 1983 I enrolled in a 6 week painting and drawing class with the artist in his studio in Woodstock, NY.
My first exhibit was Dec 2006 at the Athens Cultural Center and my work was showcased in the local newspaper – quite exciting for someone born and raised in that same town. In March 2007 I was showcased in the Columbia County Council on the Art’s 12th Annual Juried Art Exhibit winning 2nd place in painting, and I revisited that same award at CCCA’s 14th Annual Juried Exhibit 2010. Currently, I am a New York State Foundation on the Arts 2008 MARK award recipient and have participated in 12 exhibitions - 8 were juried.