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American Stripper
For the last twelve years, I have worked on and off in the world of exotic dance. Strip Clubs, are an iconic part of our culture, but they are also a world harshly judged by the mainstream and generally negatively depicted by our media. Strippers are often viewed as dysfunctional people on the fringe of our society.

Contrary to this, throughout my career as a dancer I have come to know some very powerful and creative women. I have witnessed deeply moving and healing experiences and I have seen a great deal of beauty and strength within this industry.

I spent three years photographing the women that I work with. Specifically focusing on the performance aspect of this industry, revealing a world where humanity and expression constantly disrobes itself alongside the women. In a culture where we have the freedom to express ourselves, I stood witness to these women, dressing and undressing their bodies, dressing and undressing their souls.

In addition to the photographs, I also recorded natural conversation the dancers were having in the changing rooms. From this conversation, I extracted potent statements that express the inner life of an exotic dancer. When I exhibit the work, (selenium toned silver gelatin photographs), I also exhibit the text alongside the work (preferably with vinyl cut lettering), hence weaving a rich tapestry of insight into the emotional lives of these women.

The women I work with are extremely supportive of my work, they are inspired by my photographs and I am honored by their trust.