Elena Soterakis, Urban EntryElena Soterakis, Sunnyside NightElena Soterakis, The AwningElena Soterakis,Power PlantElena Soterakis, Water TowerElena Soterakis, On RampElena Soterakis,Street Corner, Coney IslandElena Soterakis, Train Yard, Long Island CityElena Soterakis, View From 40th StreetElena Soterakis, Kosciusko Bridge
Elena Soterakis
Currently, the New York Urban Landscape inspires my work. My passion for depicting it is not merely about documenting my surroundings, but recreating the emotional experience of being truly connected to my environment. To elicit these emotions, my paintings incorporate both realistic and the abstract elements.

This deep connection occurs most frequently when I’m walking alone on a quiet street, or gazing out a window, that is why my paintings have a quiet, removed, isolationist feeling.

Off the beaten track places are of more interest to me; empty train yards, power plants, Coney Island in the wintertime. Recognizing and creating beauty in something that is not necessarily stereotypically beautiful is what drives my work.

With this body of work, I was admitted into The New York Academy of Art's Master's Program, which I am expected to graduate in 2011. I have received awards for Outstanding Work from the Salmagundi Club, and won the, "Dialogue of Art" contest where my painting "Street Corner, Coney Island" can be seen, in a year long exhibition at WNYC's, Jerome L. Green Space.