Easter110 Days of WinterMatsutake (from series Wall Photos)Coulee-Hite, 9.21.2001The Super BRAWL
Keiko Sono
Community building is my art. I use my community as my canvas, its people as my paint, and social media as my brushes. My criteria for self-evaluation are, how many new connections my project creates, how existing ones are strengthened, and how many participants benefit from it.

But the process by which I build my project is ushered by the same aesthetic intuition that guides me in painting. It is a complex, multi-contextual puzzle whose pieces keep evolving.

Through my engagement in community building as art, one key concept has emerged as one that is particularly rewarding, if not downright crucial, for people in the arts today. It is the idea of open source. You can find more about this and my projects, and join in the conversation, on my website.