from the Relish the Lick seriesGirls Talk 
from the Relish the Lick seriesOffering 
from the Relish the Lick seriesDiscipline
from the Relish the Lick seriesThe Hole
from the Relish the Lick seriesOn y va
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Lindsay Stern
Work Statement
All of my images are reflective of an emotional and cultural life rooted in the kitchen - a place where eating can equally be a necessity, joy, and transgression. I am admittedly consumed by the ambiguous slippage between supposed binaries: desire and disgust; pleasure and pain; access and denial. These binaries are elaborated on through my exploration of familial relationships and human-animal dynamics. Sourcing imagery from cookbooks, fashion magazines, health manuals, and articles on global politics, I collage because it is a medium that invites viewers to simultaneously assemble and deconstruct disparate parts to make meaning.

Lindsay Stern earned a MFA in Fine Arts and a Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies from the University of Michigan (2009), and a BFA from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University (2004). She has received numerous awards and research grants, including those to travel to France (2004) and Japan (2007). Her prints, photos, and collages are in numerous private collections; public collections include the Frankel Center for Judaic Studies and Alfred University. Stern is also an independent curator and the Education Coordinator at The Center for Photography at Woodstock.