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Jan Nagle
Jan Nagle's artwork is about place, and how it informs identity. She is a nationally exhibited multi-disciplinary artist and art educator, and has an MFA in Photography from SUNY Buffalo, and a BFA from SUNY New Paltz. She currently resides in Niagara Falls, NY.


Personal loss is a marker; from such a point, we either suck up inside ourselves and die a little bit, or we pivot into a new period of our lives. Either way, there is a time of mourning, followed some way, some day, by grace, by acceptance, and ultimately by celebration or tribute.

Following the losses of my father and my cat last summer, I found refuge in the landscape of Niagara County. Weekly drives led me up to Lake Ontario and into the heart of wine country. What I discovered was that the act of driving, and the distraction of the landscape, allowed memories of my lost ones to filter through without so much of the sadness that I felt during my normal routine at home. It allowed room for reverie.

The photographs in VAULTED are my attempt to document the loci of such states of reverie. Shot with a DSLR through the viewfinder of an antique Kodak Duaflex box camera,“TTV” photographs are digital images that have a vintage appearance. When we remember, we see the past through the filter of the present. Memory is tricky though; each time we remember something, it changes slightly, until our most cherished and time-worn memories have built a patina of their very own. We slowly reinvent our past to match our emotional wishes.