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Karen Kucharski
I work with water and dance imagery because they are both alive and moving, and they represent life. These key ingredients compel me to investigate my impulses as an artist and female. I draw upon these to create work with light, movement, and partnership. The Tango is a vehicle for relationship and communication; companions working toward a common goal, shaping a collective moment. They suggest a power both within and beyond that inspires my art.

In the ArcWater series, water imagery is layered into architectural settings known for presenting precious objects for safe-keeping and review. The combination highlights the significance of each element and their union. The results are digital prints, and related images used as palettes or for installations. I also partner with other arts by sharing my work onstage with dancers, musicians, and film. I enjoy creating an environment for audiences to experience, whether virtually or in reality.

Website: http://www.KarenKucharski.com

Karen Kucharski is a visual artist and dancer from the Finger Lakes and Endless Mountain regions of New York and Pennsylvania, U.S.A. She earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Syracuse University, and specializes in printmaking, painting, and drawing, with both hands-on mark-making and computer-generated imagery.

Karen has taught at Cornll University in four of its college divisions: College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (Department of Art); College of Veterinary Sciences (Department of Physiology), where she originated a course on anatomy through art; College of Human Ecology (Department of Textiles and Apparel); and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (American Indian Program). This range of coursework presents a spectrum of knowledge in art, drawing the human figure, and cultural significances. Other teaching positions include those at Dartmouth College, Syracuse University, and in workshop settings. Exhibitions, portfolios, and related information can be viewed online at http://www.KarenKucharski.com